Charleston Battery and Parks

Charleston Battery and Parks

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During your stay you must visit one of the numerous Charleston Parks. There are many to choose from but two of my favorites are Charleston Battery Park and Waterfront Park. As you stroll through Battery Park you will get a panoramic view of beautiful antebellum mansions, the Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter and the Sullivan Island Lighthouse. The Ashley and Cooper rivers border the park that stretches along the waterfront of the Charleston peninsula and the park has beautiful oak trees, cannons, cannon balls, statues and a gazebo. The park is normally very busy unless you visit early in the morning and parking is sometimes a little hard to find, but not impossible.

Waterfront Park is a quiet, serene place to visit. They have a pier and large, wooden swings where you can sit. I love visiting at night because the Arthur Ravenel Bridge is lit up and you can sit on the swings and enjoy the night air and the gorgeous views of the bridge. If you don’t visit any other park when you are in Charleston, you must visit Waterfront Park.

Charleston Battery and Battery Park
S Battery St,
Charleston, South Carolina

No trip to Charleston is complete without a stop at White Point Gardens, known popularly as Battery Park. This peaceful park offers unprecedented views of Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter, while a look back across the street promises fantastic images of beautiful Charleston mansions. Enormous oak trees provide serene shade to the park, and a display of weapons and cannons used in the Civil War make for a unique play area for children. You'll see a Columbiad used to shell Fort Sumter in 1861, two seacoast mortars, and more - be sure to bring a camera to snap photos of your family clamoring and playing on the cannons! During the early 18th century, the park was used as the home of the gallows, where Stede Bonnet - the "gentleman pirate" - and dozens of others were hanged. By 1837, the land was in use as a public garden. Weddings and other special events are frequently held at the beautiful, massive white gazebo in the center of the park, but on off-days it makes for a beautiful place to sit and take in the beauty and charm of Charleston!

Hampton Park
Charleston Battery and other Parks
30 Mary Murray Drive
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

Hampton Park is one of the City of Charleston's largest parks. It boasts the most extensive floral displays of any park in the city. An old rose collection and seasonal displays are planted by the staff and volunteers caring for the park. This neighborhood park has a rich history recently documented through a project of the Charleston Horticultural Society called Layers of the Landscape. This park is home to many activities year round. Weddings, family reunions and many frisbee games are but a few of the diverse activities seen in this park. The physical fitness trail is a popular spot for the Citadel students who live next door to the park. The park is an arboretum of sorts with many interesting species of trees and shrubs that grow in the Lowcountry. It is one of the few City of Charleston parks with restrooms and on-site parking.

Mt. Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park
Charleston Battery and other Parks
Hallman Blvd
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

The park entrance, just off Hallman Boulevard, is a tabby-surfaced walkway between the Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion and the Kruger B. Smith Building that serves as the park visitor center. As you continue on the walkway, the playground, with its dolphin-and-shrimp-boat themed climbing equipment, is on the left beneath the bridges. To the right is a large area of green space landscaped in Bermuda grass. As you approach the 1,250-foot long pier, the war memorial is to the right. There, the names of dozens of local war veterans killed in action are inscribed. The sweeping view from the pier ranges from the Yorktown at Patriots Point to the Charleston peninsula to Remley's Point.

Waterfront Park
Charleston Battery and other Parks
1 Vendue Range
Charleston, SC 29401

This park is an eight-acre linear park and pier along the Charleston Harbor entry, located in the center of downtown. Spanning over 1,000 feet along the Harbor, this is a must-see for any walking tour of the city. Sit on one of several family-sized swings on the pavilion and watch ships come and go. Find an old-fashioned park bench in a shady spot and watch people stroll by as children romp on the large green and run along the palm tree-lined walkways. Two artfully designed enormous fountains invite children to splash and play.

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