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Charleston SC Maps

Below you will find some useful Charleston SC maps that will help you navigate your way around this majestic city. Whether you are searching for nearby plantations, trying to find the nearest beach, trying to locate public parking garages, or trying to locate the nearest public restroom, you will find the maps here.

Charleston SC Maps of the Area

  • The Charleston Area Map gives an overview of the greater Charleston South Carolina area including the airport, nearby attractions, islands, beaches, and plantations. 
  • The Peninsula Map is very useful because it focuses on the historic district, and highlights plenty of helpful information including public parking garages and the routes for the free downtown area shuttle(DASH). 
  • One of the most important maps is the Public Restrooms Map. Not all public restrooms in the downtown area are visibly marked or easy to find so this map will help you locate them

Charleston Points of Interest Maps

  • The Attractions map highlights the fun and exciting things you can see and do in Charleston including museums, plantations, and historic homes. 
  • The beaches map will help you find all the nearby beaches including Folly Beach and Isle of Palms.
  • The park's map will help you locate all the nearby parks including the famous Waterfront Park and the bustling Marion Square Park.
  • This map will help you find all the historic churches in downtown Charleston including  The Circular Congregational Church and The Unitarian Church.
  • Our Shopping map highlights the different shopping districts in downtown Charleston, and our Art Galleries map shows all the local art galleries in Charleston.

Maps of Places to Stay in Charleston

  • Find a romantic Bed and Breakfast in Charleston SC with our bed and breakfast map.
  • Find a charming inn or cozy boutique hotel with our historic inn's map.
  • Find first class service and luxurious accommodations with our map of luxury hotels.
  • Find a convenient and affordable place to stay with our map of full-service hotels
  • Find a budget-friendly place to stay with our map of discount hotels

Charleston Restaurants Map

  •  The restaurant map highlights all the great dining Charleston has to offer.

Charleston Transportation Maps

  • The DASH map highlights the routes of the Free Downtown Area Shuttle(DASH)
  • The parking map highlights all of the parking garages in downtown Charleston.

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